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Designed to service the most ambitious and discerning developers in the Lower Mainland.

Our goal is to provide an elevated sales service for real estate developers.

Bringing together a team of diverse professional backgrounds, with SIXTY THREE. things are done differently. With over 15 years in Real Estate, marketing, financial and business experience, we are able to negotiate and secure our clients the most sought after pre sales in the lower mainland. By being able to produce and deploy engaging content for the marketplace in house – getting your property out in front of more eyes, and highlighting the key points that makes your development unique.

Data, Research & Pricing

Pricing and positioning your property in the marketplace is essential. Using historical, and public data, we compile and consolidate analysis to guide competitive and strategic pricing or your property. Throughout the process, we will continue to provide you with ongoing feasibility studies and up-to-the-minute market research including pricing, demographics and cultural trends.

Brand Development

Our in-house creative team has exceptional experience branding and marketing development projects – A service that can save developers millions in costs from having to use separate agencies. Working with architects, design teams and project engineers, we help define the identity, key selling elements and introduce pathways that then emerge into marketing strategies.

The development marketplace is competitive. It is essential to bring the right strategy to each project individually and identify the unique positioning to create desirability. From collateral material to 3D renderings and simulations, dedicated websites, and sales office units, we design thoughtful, innovative marketing strategies to ensure we reach our target market.

Public Relations

We believe strongly in editorial power. We also believe that for most buyers, the developer is as important as the project itself. Working with our press team, we will strategically engage media across all platforms to tell a compelling story about the unique opportunity of your project and your organization

Selecting A Team

With over agents located in the key markets of the Lower Mainland, we have an expansive range of talent and skills available. Senior management will work with you to identify and select the right sales and marketing team to represent the project, and you as a developer in the market place. The sales team along with our creative team, will work and drive the design process with your architect, engineers, and designers, including layouts, floor plans, amenities and more.

Over 15 Years Of Marketing Experience

Merchandising & Staging

Sixty Three Real Estate Group is a proud partner of local staging services, with the perfect fit for your unique property. Our unique relationship affords us open, immediate and ongoing advantages. This includes the highest level of design and staging for sales offices and model units in the projects we service and a unique and profitable cost structure available only through our partnership.

Merchandising and positioning is an expertise and an art form. We will produce video tours and distribute them on viable sites, and create marketing print collateral, brochures, postcards, and show sheets of the highest quality

3D Renderings

We will provide professional lifestyle photography, videos, and aerial drone footage that will maximize the image and brand of the property.

Our Team Develops


We will use a preeminent photographer who will create the images for the property ad campaigns. Our photographers are experts in understanding marketing principles and brand priorities, showcasing a lifestyle, creating a mood, evoking emotion, and telling a story in the images.

“We prepare your property for the market with unparalleled resources and image campaigns.”


Professional video is one of the leading tools needed to create exposure and sell homes in the high-end luxury market. Sixty Three Real Estate Group will provide professional video, aerial/drone work that will implement themes to create an accurate image of this property and lifestyle this home provides for the buyer.

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From Offering to Final Closing

We will work with your legal team to simplify the purchase contract and technical processes of the transaction, making sure the sale is a simple and stress-free process. We coordinate and liaise the closing of each unit ensuring the process is always on schedule. Budget and timelines are crucial in maximizing profit and success.

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