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SIXTY THREE. Vancouver

The City

Vancouver is often ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world. It was recently named the best place to live in North America. The beautiful location of Vancouver, nestled against the North Shore Mountains, makes it an ideal place to live year round.

The city’s coastline is renowned for its stunning views and beautiful beaches. While the mountains are home to hiking trails and snowsports, it also offers incredible views. If you love the outdoors, living in Beautiful British Columbia is the ideal place to be.

We promise you that you will eventually develop an appreciation for Vancouver’s lifestyle if you don’t have it right now.

Vancouver’s unique setting is what makes it so special. It is surrounded by mountains and the sea. You’re close to nature, but it is a diverse and thriving metropolis. The best of both the urban and rural worlds are available to residents.

Vancouver’s Downtown core is on a peninsula. It is surrounded on three sides by water so the only way to grow it is by building more. It is extremely urbanized and condensed in a small area. This makes it a great spot for office blocks and residential high-rises that create a spectacular skyline.

The whole area is surrounded by water, with easy access to the Vancouver Seawall as well as many beaches.

The Downtown area also includes the Stanley Park which is one of North America’s largest urban parks, with more than 1,000 acres of park, surrounded by the sea wall.

English Bay is located south of downtown and offers a variety of sandy beaches (English Bay Beach Second Beach, Third Beach, Sunset Beach, and Third Beach). These beaches are great for those who need a break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Downtown is a residential area with more than 500,000 people living in a small area that is easily accessible by foot.

SIXTY THREE. Vancouver


Vancouver’s nightlife is usually quiet due to the strict licensing and safety regulations. The city’s strict regulations against standing in bars or limiting capacity severely limit the city’s social life.

Newcomers often find it difficult to enjoy the evening due to the dreaded “line-ups”. Vancouver’s weekend life is not for everyone. There are often 15-minute waits at busy bars and clubs.

Many people find that “ninja drinking” on the beach or at a barbecue with friends is a more convenient option during the summer months. Vancouver’s nightlife is improving, although it doesn’t revolve entirely around parties.

Granville Street downtown is the epicenter of entertainment, but this area attracts mostly young people and those in their early twenties who live in Vancouver. Gastown is home to a variety of bars, bars, disco bars and cocktail bars. It also has trendy clubs and Davie Street, which is where the gay scene is located.

Commercial Drive is alive and well into the morning, thanks to its Latin and political cultures. Yew Street is a popular spot for a young, trendy crowd in Kitsilano.

Main Street is home to a variety of funky music venues that cater to both young couples and hipsters. Yaletown is a trendy alternative that’s more expensive and has many restaurants, cafes, and clubs.

SIXTY THREE. Vancouver


Vancouver’s diversity and size make it easy for you to find great neighborhoods. Arbutus Ridge is a quiet neighborhood that offers single-family homes with great views of the mountains and easy access to Downtown and University. Kitsilano is a laid-back, youthful neighborhood that is close to the ocean. Downtown is the heart of the city, and provides easy access to culture and nightlife. False Creek or Yaletown are just outside Downtown. If you don’t want an apartment/loft in the heart of Downtown, they may be a good option. Chinatown is a very popular neighborhood in a diverse city.

SIXTY THREE. Vancouver

The Beauty

It doesn’t matter if you love skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or simply taking in the stunning scenery around Vancouver, there is no denying that Vancouver’s mountains add an incredible dimension to your life.

You’ll find the most beautiful park in the world if you head west from Downtown Vancouver.

This park is a wonderful representation of Vancouver’s personality. It’s a perfect blend of urban and nature. The park is home to the Lost Lagoon and several beaches, as well as the Vancouver Aquarium, a miniature railway and countless other activities.

Although they may not be as beautiful as other places, Vancouver’s beaches are still quite impressive, especially considering how easy it is to reach them. They are also home to many active Vancouverites, who enjoy playing beach volleyball, barbecuing or just hanging out. This adds yet another dimension to Vancouver.

Granville Island has a great fresh food market that offers some of the finest seafood (along with other amazing food), and Granville Island Brewery is a hub for creative craftspeople selling unique products.

SIXTY THREE. Vancouver

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