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A week in the life

Leverage our digital footprint to find the best buyer for your home.

Monday | Finalizing offers

You have a client looking to buy. Let's get this deal done.
Remove subjects on a deal from 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday | New Clients

Cold call potential new leads
Receive new incoming leads provided by your GVRE rep, execute on game plan to secure a unit based on provided information.
Schedule in person meetings to get to know new client.

Wednesday | Client Meetings

Cold call potential new leads
Follow up. Ask more questions. Establish relationships. Make More Money.

Thursday | Flex

Do online training learning how to generate leads
Hang out with family.
Go for dinner with your friends

Friday | Flex

Spend money on a Facebook ad set
Pick up cheque for the deal you closed this week.
It's date night, go watch that new Rom Com with your spouse.

Saturday | Showings

You have four properties to check out with your clients. One in the morning, three more in the evening.

Sunday | Prepare offers

Get in touch with your GVRE rep to strategize a game plan for next week.

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